We we're sad to leave, but kind of happy to be back in Philly on...

We we're sad to leave, but kind of happy to be back in Philly on Wednesday night. Lucky me, I have Thursday and Friday of this week off for some much needed "me-time".

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Yesterday started with a yo-bowl Stonyfield Organic key-lime (so good go buy it) with mango, blackberries, chia seeds, and almonds. And these Cascadian Farms chocolate O's I found. They make the milk turn chocolate.

Then I enjoyed an excellent workout at my gym under no time constraints, which hardly ever happens.

This week's runs/workouts have been consistent, but very low key. I got in 6-ish miles on the treadmill yesterday but wasn't paying too much attention to pace/incline as I was watching Brothers and Sisters on my iPhone (yes I suppose I am one of those lucky people who can watch TV on the treadmill).

Then I enjoyed a rather pleasant day! I went and got my hair done, and then treated myself to a nice lunch alone. I really enjoy dining alone, and popped into one of my favorite spots: Marathon on the Square :

Control Freak Salad (spinach, zucchini, pineapple pico de gallo, green beans, free range turkey, avocado, and lime vinaigrette), plus a glass of their house chardonnay. Great, as always.

Today I have another low-key day. So great. I am actually looking to give my legs a break and am excited to check out a Bikram yoga studio here in Philly, to switch up the routine.

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