Technology is amazing.

Technology is amazing. It has evolved so rapidly that soon we will be living like the Jetsons.

Think about the time it took for Walkmans to evolve from cassette to CD. Now, all my music is on my phone.

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The same is true in regards to movies. From VHS (or BetaMax) to DVD and now on my phone.

I'm starting to think that there's nothing that can't be done on a phone. And that brings me to this discovery.

Now, phones have the supernatural ability to read your minds. It's really incredible. Every time I hear someone's thoughts, it causes me to pause and consider how I should respond. Were they talking or thinking? Was that rhetorical or intentionally said? Surely this has to be mind reading technology because people wound never just say these things. Or would they?

Over and over at work, I find that as I'm trying to assist customers, I'm hearing their thoughts. For instance:

Me: This is the pharmacist. How can I help you?

Customer: Why is my medicine not free?

Me: Give me a minute to look up your information please.

Customer (thoughts being read): I'm sick of these incompetent idiots that can't get their stuff together (edited). I have a good mind to go up there and put my foot in their behinds (edited).

Me: Here we go. This $8000 medication isn't covered on your insurance because your doctor must contact the insurance company for prior approval.

Customer: What's that got to do with me?

Me: Nothing. You can get the prescription today if you want. It's $8000.

Customer: No it's not.

Me: If you want this at a reduced cost, your physician must communicate with your insurance company. You might want to talk with your doctor about this.

Customer (thoughts): I ain't doing nothing. This person better give me my stuff .

Customer: When can I pick it up?

Me: As soon as your doctor does his part and the insurance approves it. I have no idea how long that will take. If you will contact your doctor, they can give you a better idea of that timeline.

Customer (thinking): You're a stupid idiot. (Now talking to others in the room)

Me: (long pause)

Customer: Click

Me: (still holding the phone)

This isn't an isolated case. This is everyday. This is multiple times a day. This, ladies and gentlemen, is who I have the privilege to serve everyday.

And despite how it sounds, it's not all that frustrating. It's actually kind of humorous. And twisted.

Here's a better picture of what takes place. You call me and say whatever you want, however you think it, with no filter at all. I receive what you say (and think) and basically repeat the same facts over and over (because facts to not change). You dish out more and more of your unfiltered wit and I just take it. I still serve you. I have to find creative ways to say my peace in a civilized way because if I reflected you, I'd be fired.

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