Local Businesses struggling for profits

(Local Businesses are the heart of the economy, yet over 75% of them are strugging for profits. Read this story about how one small mobile app is making a BIG change in the local business community.)

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Jonathan Morris of Ashburn, Virginia never thought the day would come when his wife told him it's time to close their local pizza parlor. They had been in businesses for over 5 years and for the first time, they we're losing money.

Getting new customers was harder than ever. Once they try our pizza they're hooked, but getting them in the door was tough.

We tried Groupon and Living Social, but lost more money than expected. We used them once and well never use them again. says Jonathan.

Jonathan tried everything from Online Ads, Grand Opening banners, News Paper Ads, you name it and he tried it. None of it was bringing in a steady flow of customers until he started using a service called LivEasy.

LivEasy is a new company where local businesses have the ability to advertise exclusive offers and place them inside the mobile app. These offers or deals are then seen by local users who have the app downloaded on their mobile phone.

If a user sees a good offer / deal - they can lock in the deal for an in app purchase of only .99c. You can download the app for free, from iOS or GooglePlay.

LivEasy does not take any profit from the merchants. There is no profit sharing like Groupon and other deal sites. The customers actually pay the merchant all the money for the deal, at the point of sale.

Its easy to use. My wife plays around with the members area and she creates all the deals herself. Its live in their app within 24 hours. Creating a deal is as easy as sending an email. Its Genius. says Jonathan.

LivEasy is like modern day digital coupons...

and it's mobile.

You may remember those good ol days of coupon clipping or advertising your business in the local papers coupon section.

Heck, you might even still do it today? Allowing people to see your deal, cut it out and bring it in. They save some dollars and you get another customer. Its a win / win.

Looks like this is similar to the business model of LivEasy, however people have to actually buy access to the coupon. The app is free to download, but each deal is .99c. We asked why they did this and heres what they said:

Making users buy access to each deal is a way for them to commit to actually using it. If all the deals we're free, people would get deal happy and wouldn't use most of them.

This makes sense.

Lets say you own a local business like Jonathan and his wife. You sign up to LivEasy as a merchant, create some deals inside your members area, submit the deals, and they go live in the app. Local users in your area see the deal, and if they like it - they buy access for .99c.

The user than takes their phone in your store and says I got this deal from LivEasy and you know right away what they're talking about. They pay you all the money, and that's it. Its a done deal.

LivEasy is simple, it's cool, and it's social.

Theres no coupons, no vouchers, (no papers) and no change to the POS system.

How many college kids do you know clipping coupons or using Groupon?

My nephew is 21 years old. He lives on campus and he's on a budget. I asked him about what he thought of LivEasy and apparently him and his friends use it daily.

When they get bored or when it's time to go out, they open the app and look for something to do or somewhere to eat. They save money at the same time and this is big for 95% of the college population.

Another thing I noticed when I downloaded the app - it's social.

As a user, I can see comments from other users on deals, I can see what deals that user got, and I can see how much money they saved. They can see all this info on me as well - if I make my profile public. Oh, and sharing deals through text or social media is an option as well.

Unlike Groupon and other deal sites , LivEasy is used by people of all ages. We did some analytical research and studies conclude that the average person who uses coupons or deals, is between the ages of 34 and 50.

Simply put, coupons and deals weren't cool - until now.

Theyve closed the gap between age groups of coupon clippers and deal addicts. It looks like anyone from the age of 18+ can benefit from using this app. Who knew that saving money could be so cool these days?

You might be wondering:

How do you know if someone came in to your local business from the LivEasy app?

Chances are they're going to say Hey, I got this deal for 50% off (or whatever you offer) from the LivEasy app and you'll know right away what they're talking about.

I got access to the merchant side of the LivEasy platform and it's very organized. You can track all your deal views, customers, best days of the week, the times, and it looks like you can send personal messages to every user.

The best part: Anyone who owns a local business can sign up to the service for absolutely free of charge for the first 60 days. They don't ask for any credit card information upfront, which made us wonder How much does this cost - after the 60 days is up?

We asked a rep from the company for comment and heres what they said:

Our goal here at LivEasy is to make sure that every local business who signs up to use our service, gets more value and better results than any other service they tried in the past. We understand the current economy and how hard it is for businesses to get new customers."

"We don't ask for any money upfront because we want to make sure the service works for the business owners. If they sign up and don't get the results they like, they don't pay. Simple as that.

After talking with their rep for over an hour, we finally got the answer to our question of How much does it cost after the 60 days? and we we're quite shocked to hear the answer

If the business owner likes the results from using LivEasy and if they got more customers and sales from our service - we call them 60 to 90 days later and ask for a small monthly payment of just $99."

"We don't take any of their profits, and we feel if we can bring at least 10 new customers per month to their business, a $99 fee is more than affordable.

It looks like it's not as bad as we thought.

We all know how free stuff works. Theres always a catch, one way or another. The catch with them is if you don't like it, you don't pay, and you don't continue to use the service, which sounds pretty fair if you ask me.

Does LivEasy have the ability to change the way deals are done? Will they really pave a new path in the local business community?

Only time will tell.

To start using LivEasy for your local business, v isit www.LivEasy.com

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