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FC Mortgage is a direct non-bank lender helping homeowners access a mortgage on their property. 

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Want to buy a cottage near the lake? Condo in the city? Or maybe you want to invest in a rental property. FC Mortgage can help you meet your goals.



Refinancing your home can help you expand your business, payout expensive loans, and allow you to lower your monthly payments.


Revolving Line of Credit

If you have equity in your home and need to access funds then a revolving line of credit can be a cost effective way to tap into that equity.

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Investment Opportunity


Business FinancingPay Off Debt
Increase Cash FlowAuto Financing
Home Improvements & RenovationsTuition Fees
Lower Interest RateAccess funds for a second property

At FC Mortgages we make refinancing your home simple. Our flexible and affordable refinancing options allow you to access up to 75% of the value of your home to meet your financial needs. Our mortgage experts can provide you with all the assistance and knowledge that you will require to help make important and well-informed decisions for your mortgage refinancing needs.

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Our Home Loan Experts are available 5 days a week to answer all your mortgage questions.

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FC Mortgage is the residential funding affiliate of Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation, who’s lending and administrative activities are managed by Firm Capital Corporation (“FCC”).

As a leading non-bank lender since 1988, we are specialists in mortgage financing offering a broad range of mortgage products and a high level of personal and professional service to our clients. 

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